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Complete Digital Marketing & Internet Lead Generation Services

Specializing in Website Design and Search Engine Optimization, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Adwords Management & Consulting, Reputation Management and Online Reviews, Website Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing & Much More!  We can get you the crazy results you’ve been looking for!

Matt and his team have been extremely helpful with our website and online ads! Highly recommended.
Kelly Farrington
Kelly Farrington
14:35 20 Sep 19
Very impressed by the speed that our changes were made and the fact that Matt took the time to make sure all the areas of the website were updated with our new online payment options. Very professional!
Jen Cruz
Jen Cruz
01:19 20 Sep 19
Would like to say he completely understands what it means to run a business, which means he understands we have fall outs, legal issues, life changing events and as long as you communicate he will work with you. He did wonders for my business and would do the same with yours.
Chris Pistachio
Chris Pistachio
22:15 12 Jun 19
Solomon Consulting did a great job for us. They designed our website very nice and attractive. They are very willing to help and give ideas about improving the client tell. Highly recommended.
Curry Kitchen
Curry Kitchen
17:52 07 Mar 19
Solomon Consulting did a great job for us. They designed our website very nice and attractive. They are very willing to help and give ideas about improving the client tell. Highly recommended.
Curry Kitchen
Curry Kitchen
17:52 07 Mar 19
Solomon Consulting has done a great job for us! In a matter of months we have moved up the rankings big time on google searches for our industry. We are getting a lot more high quality leads for specific services that we want to provide. Brad has worked hand in hand with us to customize our service. The amount of new leads coming in from Google has more than doubled.
Landscaping Harrisburg
Landscaping Harrisburg
22:36 05 Feb 19
Brad and his team are fantastic. As a small business owner I'm bombarded by solicitation calls all day from all these companies who claim that they will drive customers through my doors. I have wasted my money on trying out a few of these companies. Soloman Consulting was introduced to me through BNI and I have never looked back. Underpromising and Over delivering. When it comes to my social markenting campaign that they manage, they deliver! My ROI is easy to see and I'm very happy working with them. Fantastic communication (i'm talking about minutes some times when texting with the owner's personal cell phone), super creative campaign ideas, and, again, they deliver results.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson
12:22 31 Jan 19
Solomon Consulting is the BEST business decision I have made to date. These guys care!!! I know, two words you never hear together are consulting and caring, but it does exist. I will take someone who gives a darn about my business over anyone who is the “industry best” every single time. These owners are on the phone or emailing me at 10:00 pm because I came up with some idea that can not wait. With all that said let’s talk numbers since that is why we are all in business. Working together with Solomon Consulting we have grown from $550,000 in sales to $765,000 to 1.1 million. Solomon Consulting has been the singular change to our advertising/marketing efforts, and they handle it all. The partnership has been one that I value a great deal as they help, drive calls, build sales processes, recruit personnel, train customer service representatives, buy vehicles, and help build the business. Solomon Consulting is like having a valued team member that is a like a family member.
shawn laplante
shawn laplante
15:53 19 Oct 18
I hired Brad at Solomon Consulting a few months ago. The online presence of my website has multiplied substantially. My business is relatively new and it is already one of the first that appears in Google searches. I have only good things to say about Brad and will continue to use his amazing services. Anyone who needs to be noticed to grow their business, NEEDS to call him!
William Dinsmore
William Dinsmore
00:37 19 Oct 18
What an amazing find in Brad! He not only knows what it takes to help with your business, but he truly cares about your success. He is honest, knowledgeable, super hard working and always available to help.I couldn't ask for a better partner to help with my business.
Tania Pulkowski
Tania Pulkowski
19:06 19 Jun 18

We are an expert Facebook advertising agency with clients across the country

Facebook Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Ads are becoming more and more popular these days, and lucky for you, we have expertise in this area.  There are so many different ways a business can use Facebook ads to generate additional customers and visibility, and we can help you tap into that power using our skill and knowledge of the platform. As a premier Facebook Ad Agency in NH, we will put the tools to work in your favor and you’ll never look back.


Facebook Engagement Ads

Sometimes, running Facebook ads is all about gaining “Likes, Shares & Comments.” These can be incredibly valuable, especially when it comes to generating interest and questions around your product offerings. We’ll structure your engagement posts properly to maximize your ROI on each one.

Here’s What Makes us Different: Many agencies simply try to grow your audience organically by posting content to your page and trying to get people to “Like” it. We take a much more targeted approach, leveraging the Facebook advertising capabilities to proactively target the people in your market who are most likely to need your services. We stage posts to make people most likely to comment and ask questions. When they do, we invite them into a conversation during which we can gain contact info to send to you, the business owner, to follow up.

Facebook Lead Ads

Smart businesses understand that Facebook has a huge network full of customers and clients who need their services, but just haven’t found their business yet. We can showcase your brand, products and services to the right people and get them to take action immediately by filling out a “lead form” that will come directly to your email address.

Here’s What Makes us Different: By coupling lead ads with Engagement Ads, we’re able to retarget your most interested, highest quality customers at a lower cost per lead than your other advertising sources. Once someone interacts with an Engagement post, we can quickly retarget them with a “Lead Ad” within days, giving you the ability to “follow up” with thousands of prospects without ever actually talking with them.


Facebook Retargeting Ads

Ever been on a website and, upon leaving that website, noticed you’re being “followed” by that company’s ads? Happens all the time, right? Well now you can harness that same technology in your business! This is called “retargeting” and it is an incredibly effective form of advertising on Facebook.

Here’s What Makes us Different: Not only can we retarget visitors to your website, but we can use Facebook’s technology to identify key characteristics common to those people, and then direct target other people who share those same characteristics. This allows you to stretch the power of your digital advertising and reach the best people, even if they never knew about you.

Facebook Reach and Location Based Ads

Promoting an event? Trying to simply gain exposure for your business so people know who you are and what you do? Then Reach and Location Based Ads might be right for you. These ads use your location as the primary determinant of who your message is shown to.

Here’s What Makes us Different: Being able to talk with us and discuss what type of ad will work best for your particular situation or business…. That’s priceless. As a premiere Facebook Ads Agency in NH, we’re going to be able to recommend and implement the best strategy for you and walk you through it every step of the way.


We Run Facebook Ads For Many Types Of Companies

Car Dealers, Lawn Care Companies, Landscaping Companies, Restaurants, Tea Parlors, Coffee Shops, Hotels, Charitable Organizations, Website Development Companies, Food Delivery Services, Electricians, Real Estate Agents, Contractors, Kitchen Renovation Specialists, and More!

NH SEO Agency With Crazy Results


You can win more customers and more visibility by dominating search results in paid, organic, and Google My Business.

A Winning search strategy is not about presence… it’s about Dominance.

In a partnership with us, you’ll have a full strategy to Dominante the Google search results when people search for a term relevant to your business.


Organic Search Engine Optimization

The single most critical element to your success is your ability to be found when a client performs a relevant search to your business, and being found prominently in the organic search results is still the most cost effective long term solution to guarantee continued traffic to your website.

We helped companies in dozens of industries achieve dominance in organic search and can do the same for you.

What is organic search? When we say “organic search” we’re referring specifically to the search results that show up on the first page of Google underneath the “paid” results (found at the top of the search), and the “Map” results (typically found right below the paid).

Why is organic search so important? Organic search is like a long term investment that pays off over time. Contrary to paid search, which turns on and off as you change your budget, your organic search results tend to build over time as the Google search engines begin trusting your website as a relevant source of information and, therefore, a valuable property for Google searchers to see.

What businesses benefit most from organic Search Optimization? The types of businesses who typically stand to gain the most benefit from working with a SEO agency include companies that provide services people go “looking for.”  For instance, a business who provides landscaping services might benefit greatly from organic SEO because their potential customers visit Google and search for the best landscaper in their area.  That business is benefitted greatly by being on that first page.

Want to learn more about how we can get you to the first page of the search engines for the terms most important to your business? Contact us here:


Paid Search & Google Ads

While Google Ads have gotten a bad rap in some cases, they are still a highly viable area for companies to spend their marketing dollars.  However, in order for Google Ads to be profitable the campaigns must be structured properly from the beginning and must be tested constantly for optimization.  All too often, we work on a campaign that has been mismanaged and have to start completely from scratch.  While we don’t mind doing this, it’s a travesty to see so many advertising dollars being thrown out the window.  Best to let us take care of your paid search from the very beginning.

A NH Paid Search (PPC) Agency With An Edge

What makes us different from most PPC agencies is our ability to test, test, and test again. Additionally, with a variety of writers on staff, we’ll be able to write exceptional ad copy for you that resonates with your audience and gets them to click your ads  more often, which results in a higher “Click Thru Rate” and a lower cost per click.

Evaluating your ads based on conversions

In most cases, the best way to evaluate your PPC campaign is to look at its conversion rate.  While a conversion can be “anything,” we typically classify conversions as phone calls and form submissions to your business. The quality of your PPC campaign should typically be judged based on your conversion rate because, at the end of the day, clicks only matter if they result in dollars to your bottom line.

Google My Business

Widely becoming known as the most important and valuable property in the Google search results, your Google My Business listing needs to be actively managed.  We’ll help you do this by keeping your photos consistently updated, helping you manage online reviews, and keeping your listing fresh with new Google Posts.

Why is Google my business so important? Your “My Business” page (or your Google  “Maps” page) stands out because it displays a star rating for your business, displays your reviews, shows pictures of your business, and keeps people in the loop as to what is happening at your business.  It’s also a property that most businesses do a terrible job of optimizing, so you can truly set yourself apart from the rest by going the extra mile.

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DOUBLED new sales this year

I would like to discuss:

Complete Digital Marketing & Internet Lead Generation Services


Digital Marketing Strategy

What Is it That You’re Really Looking To Accomplish?  We Help You Chart The Course & Execute.


Website Development & Improvement

We Will Start From Scratch, or Fix What You’ve Got! And, We’ll Help You Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generating Machine!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Website Is Worthless If Nobody Can Find It. We’ll Make Sure They Can (And Do.)



Most Business Are Wasting Tons of Money in Google Pay Per Click. We Are Experts In PPC Ads and Will Drive Traffic To Your Website Efficiently and Instantly


Facebook & Instagram Ads

We Don’t “Handle” Facebook For You. We “Harness” It To Drive Customers To Your Door.



Remind People Of You Long After They’ve Left Your Website


Display Advertising

Think Of It as a Big Billboard For Your Business On Every Website Your Best Prospects Visit


Video Marketing

Animated Explainer Videos, Live In House Video, And More.


Online Reputation Management

We Will Help You Manage Your Offsite Internet Presence.


Phone Training

Think Your People Need Help On The Phone, But Not Sure How To Provide That Help? We Can.


Website Conversion Optimization

People are Visiting Your Website And Then Leaving Without Contacting You.  Do you Know Why?  We’ll Help You Find Out And Fix The Problem.


Email Marketing & Retention

Have An Email List? We Can Help You Harness It To Generate More Business!

want to know your best opportunity to grow this year? Call 877-706-0997

want to know your best opportunity to grow this year?

Some Of Our Specialized Programs

Lead Activator

Business Growth On Demand.  Increase leads and phone calls to your business starting today.

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Phone Up and Inbound Call Coaching NH
Phone Up Coach

Capitalizing on every inbound sales opportunity is the result of three things: Know, Coach, and Grow.

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Wunder Internet Marketing

Achieve omnipresence and dominate your market with natural search engine rankings for your website and services.

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your business

DOUBLED New Sales This Year

I would like to discuss:

Internet Marketing & Digital Strategy Results

We have over 30 years of combined experience in sales and digital marketing in the NH area and nationwide.  Companies contact us when they need SEO services, search engine marketing services (PPC), social media advertising services (including Facebook ads), and reputation management services.  They also contact us when they need sales training help, including in-person sales training and phone sales training.  We have a unique sales training platform that is delivered remotely, on your time.  Please check out our results below, and be sure to call, text or email us so we can design a program that fits your needs perfectly.

Takeout Guys
Laplante Electric
Websites, Facebook Ads, and SEO Results
Organic Search Marketing
Websites, SEO, Facebook Ads and Reputation Managem...

Media Room

Here are some articles to help you navigate the world of internet marketing, advertising and sales.  Be sure to check back often, as we’re constantly updating our Media Room.