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Car dealers everywhere are constantly looking for the answer to one very important question:

How do I sell more cars this year than last year?

We have found that increasing car sales comes from increasing opportunities. Or that’s one way to do it anyway, and happens to be what we focus on ;). Traffic solves a lot of problems. 

The problem many dealers are facing right now is that there is just so much more competition involved in the car business these days. Way more than just a year ago,  you can now buy a car out of a vending machine, order one on your phone and have it delivered to your home. People can easily get a quote from multiple dealers all in a matter of minutes by using sources like Truecar, and many people simply don’t even want to buy a car anymore, because there are so many ride sharing alternatives like Uber and Lyft! 

What’s it all mean? In order to win in today’s competitive marketplace, it helps to have a solid strategy to generate your own leads.

“Generating my own leads….isn’t that what my website is for??”

Yes, but here’s the problem with your website being your only source of dealer specific leads.  By the time people come to your website, they’re doing so because they are “in market.”  What does “in market” mean? It means that YOU are “in competition.”  It means this shopper is on your site, and will soon be checking someone else’s, and probably already checked a few before visiting yours.  And frankly, that’s all good for the customer, but it sucks for the dealer… because the fiercer the competition, the less money you make. 

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This is why our program is so effective. It proactively allows you to PULL people out of the market before they EVEN enter it!   Before your competitor even had an opportunity to make you drop your pants, you can be getting customer information, calling or texting them, setting an appointment, and closing the deal.

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What’s the secret?

Well really, there is no secret… it’s the same marketing concept we have been perfecting for hundreds of years. Putting the right offer in front of the right person, at the right time. But the difference with us is that there’s a fourth “right:” using the “right SOURCE.”

Why is Facebook and Instagram a better source for generating leads than any other?

  • The multitude of people on the platform means that your customers are definitely there for the taking.
  • By design, the targeting on Facebook allows you to present to people when they are most likely to engage with you: when they’re already engaging with everything else!
  • Facebook’s lead generation feature makes your prospect’s job much easier. In contrast to other marketing, which might require your prospect to click a link, go to a landing page, and MAYBE fill out your call to action form, Facebook gives people the ability to fill out a quick form right on the platform without ever leaving Facebook! That means increased conversion rate, because customers don’t need to deal with long load times and confusing landing pages and forms.
  • You can get the info you WANT! Ever bought third party leads and not been able to obtain all the necessary information from the lead provider? It’s a real problem for most dealers, and our Facebook lead program for car dealers solves it completely. Get any piece of information you need! Such as: how soon is your buyer looking to make a purchase? Do they have a current lease in the home? Are they adding or replacing a vehicle? All this information really helps narrow down your audience and produce a much higher quality lead for you.

So how do you start capitalizing on this amazing opportunity to capture business? Glad you asked!

We have a program that allows any dealer, large or small, to use the Facebook and Instagram platforms to increase sales, hold gross, convert past customers into repeat customers (yeah that’s right, we can target people just based on the fact that they have bought from you int he past!), and much more.  Leads can go directly to your CRM, your phone, your email, multiple people, and so much more!  

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We will promote any offer you want us to, and get you leads on that offer!

So you’re in a sales contest to sell the most Camrys this month in your district!? This lead generation this program will help you win. Got some left over inventory from last model year kicking around, and need to move it? Our lead gen program for car dealers will help you get that off the lot. Trying to sell more subprime? We can attract your perfect buyers directly to you, before they have their credit pulled at 9 other dealers, making it harder for you to get them done!

Lead Activator works for many business types.... but it works best for car dealers! 👍

The key is in the offer…  and we will help you design and execute the perfect offer to get you leads, calls and deals! 

There is no minimum, and there is no contract. And there is also no reason to wait. 

Our clients love how flexible our program is, because you can start at whatever budget you’d like.  Don’t want to go all in at five to ten grand a month? No problem. Our program is reasonably priced as will quickly become your highest ROI lead source. 

It’s not about “Facebook Posting.”

We are looking for leads… not likes. There are plenty of vendors out there who will charge you five hundred bucks a month for them to post the same junk on your page that they post on every other dealer’s page . That’s not what we do, because that makes you zero money. Our advertising happens in Facebook, but it uses the Facebook ads manager and rarely even appears on your page.

Need someone to post on Facebook for you? We can do that too!

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t knocking regular Facebook posts…. but there are a lot of hacks in our industry who have made a living by posting generic garbage on dealers’ Facebook pages with zero accountability for results whatsoever. That’s not how we roll. If we are making Facebook posts on page for you, you’re going to get more engagement than you’ve ever seen on your page before.

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Not sure yet?  Let’s talk about your specific needs.  We can design a PPC or SEM Marketing program that is perfect for you.

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