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Remote Phone Sales Training and Coaching For Car Dealerships, Hotels, Retail Locations, Doctor Offices and Professional Services

Phone Sales Training Starts With Nailing The Basics

When it comes to mastering the phone, we believe a confident, positive attitude can make up for lack of experience in most cases, so this is what we teach first. Elevating one’s confidence and projecting a sense of conviction via phone is an important ingredient to closing sales over the phone, setting sales appointments, and overall success. Additionally, we train on basics that many newbies (and veterans) tend to forget. Fundamental concepts like avoiding long hold times and gaining contact information are areas we cover in great depth before graduating to anything more advanced.

Customized Phone Training and Online Sales Coaching Program

If you’re spending marketing dollars to create sales opportunities for your team, then you should be investing just as much in your team’s ability to handle those opportunities.  It makes perfect sense!  Unfortunately, most business owners don’t have the time or the skill set to consistently and effectively train a sales staff.  That’s where we come in!

We’ll Teach Your Team The Best Closing Techniques

Ever listened to one of your employees talk with a customer on the phone and wonder, “Why is my employee not closing this deal? It seems so simple!” Well, maybe you’re right… they probably should be closing the deal. Unfortunately, they are probably not armed with the proper closing techniques to understand when they should ask the closing questions, and how. We’ll take care of that for you.

We’ll Show Your Team How To Overcome Objections and Win Business

Most salespeople and customer service reps freeze up when they encounter objections. This is typically because they’re not armed with the right word tracks to overcome them, and are therefore underprepared. This is causing your company to lose revenue. We can help your team become much better equipped to handle the objections that will come their way.

"What's Your Best Price?"

"I don't want a rental car."

"Can you beat my current rate?"

Why only $199/mo?

There are tons of training companies out there who will ask tens of thousands for the services they deliver.  And you know what?  If their services are good… it’s worth it!  However, we’re offering an a la carte, boutique service which anybody can afford.

We want to make phone training an easy decision.

“OK, if I invest $10,000 in training, then it will take X months and Y number of sales to recoup that investment if the training is good…. nah, I’ll pass.”  Ever done that equation in your mind when faced with a decision of whether or not to invest in training for yourself or your people?  Unfortunately, most people simply can’t afford to train!  Or, they don’t see an immediate ROI, so the training doesn’t make sense!  We’re going for something different.  We’ve designed a training program that anybody can afford, even the employees who are being trained!

Let’s take car dealerships for instance.  Car dealerships spend lots of money on training at the executive level.  As in, executives make the decision to put all salespeople or all BDC reps through a particular training…. and often forget to track results.  And unfortunately, when upper management forces group training on employees, those employees often don’t take the training seriously.  In a partnership with us, those salespeople and BDC reps can technically afford to pay for this training on their own, giving them every incentive to get the most out of it and put it to work immediately.

Staged role plays for phone sales training: Our secret sauce

Showing someone how to handle a phone call doesn’t need to be a painful experience during which they relive a horrible phone performance from yesterday or last week.  We will identify the areas where you (or your employees) lack skill, and we will pinpoint those areas in our staged role plays.  This allows us to efficiently flush out the most significant weaknesses and fix them quickly and for good.

Phone sales training for every type of business

Have you ever listened to one of your employees talk with a customer on the phone and cringe because of how bad the call is going? Or, are you unsure of how good your team is on the phone?  We get it!  The phone is the LIFEBLOOD of your business, but YOU don’t have time to teach your people how to master it.  And, you yourself might not be very good on the phone either!

That’s why we offer affordable phone training and coaching for businesses of all types.

The key word there is “affordable.”  Sure, there are plenty of agencies who will fly to your location, train your entire staff in 3 days, and fly out.  And, they’ll charge you tens of thousands!  Or, you can send your entire team to a “boot camp” and they’ll come back trained and ready to go… but you know they’ll forget everything they’ve learned within 3 days, especially if the training isn’t being reinforced by management.

We have the perfect solution .

Remote Phone Sales Training and Coaching

  • Daily, weekly or monthly – We will handle your phone training for you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  The important thing is that the training remain consistent.

  • Video conferencing – We’ll work with your staff remotely, so nobody needs to mess up their daily routine!  Training should be convenient and “in the moment.”  Forget sending your people away for a day or week only to have them forget everything they learned.

  • High quality coaching – We have been working with phone sales agents for decades in numerous industries.  We understand how to train your people for maximum effectiveness

  • A la carte pricing and no contracts – Not sure how much training you need?  Want to just “give us a shot” on your newest employees?  No problem!  We know what we’re doing and are confident you’ll be happy with the results you experience… no need to be locked into a contract

Setting up “role-plays” on the phone creates a fun, comfortable environment for learning.

We don’t need to monitor each of your inbound calls to assess how well your team handles your inbound calls.  We can figure that out very easily, by role-playing and mystery shopping.  Once we determine where your team is weak (and strong), we’ll know exactly how to focus their training!

Reporting to your management staff

Want to know how your team is progressing?  Your management staff will be kept informed of the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and how those are changing over time.  We can even record you team’s coaching sessions and provide those recordings to your management staff.

Get started with no obligation

“Someone’s gotta train Tommy.  He stinks on the phone.”  We’ve got you covered.  Just fill out the form at the top of this page and we’ll reach right out to learn about your training needs and set up a program that works for you and your business.

We offer phone training for car dealers, motorcycle dealers, RV dealers, doctors offices, dentist offices, physical therapy offices, lawyers, furniture stores, hotels, and just about any other type of business you can think of!

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Solomon Consulting is the BEST business decision I have made to date. These guys care!!! I know, two words you never hear together are consulting and caring, but it does exist. I will take someone who gives a darn about my business over anyone who is the “industry best” every single time. These owners are on the phone or emailing me at 10:00 pm because I came up with some idea that can not wait. With all that said let’s talk numbers since that is why we are all in business. Working together with Solomon Consulting we have grown from $550,000 in sales to $765,000 to 1.1 million. Solomon Consulting has been the singular change to our advertising/marketing efforts, and they handle it all. The partnership has been one that I value a great deal as they help, drive calls, build sales processes, recruit personnel, train customer service representatives, buy vehicles, and help build the business. Solomon Consulting is like having a valued team member that is a like a family member.
– Shawn Laplante

I hired Brad at Solomon Consulting a few months ago. The online presence of my website has multiplied substantially. My business is relatively new and it is already one of the first that appears in Google searches. I have only good things to say about Brad and will continue to use his amazing services. Anyone who needs to be noticed to grow their business, NEEDS to call him!
– William Dinsmore

What an amazing find in Brad! He not only knows what it takes to help with your business, but he truly cares about your success. He is honest, knowledgeable, super hard working and always available to help. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to help with my business.
– Tania Pulkowski

Excellent communication with this company at all times. I couldn’t be more happier with the results. They guaranteed me results and they delivered and made good on their promise. Highly recommend.
– Jordan Labrie

They do a great job. On time and on budget. They always answer the phone and really work hard to grow my business. We are up over 20% in gross sales just from the past year! At this rate we are going to have to grow our workforce! Thank you for everything you do.
– Scott Laffey

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