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Want customers today? Then Lead Activator is for you.

Do you:

have a business that survives on generating new customers? 

embrace new opportunities to grow your business?

want to drive demand for your highest profit products and services? 

want to take your business to the next level now?

If these things describe you, keep reading.  

Customized Lead Generation Programs

This program is specifically designed for local companies who want more high quality traffic, more phone calls, more form submissions today.  We use internet marketing techniques that will create new business opportunities for you, right in your backyard, from customers who are looking for your services right now.  You will see extremely fast results with this program, and your phone will begin ringing within days of signing up with us.

Local Service Business Marketing

Wondering “what is Lead Activator?”  We identify specific people in your area who need your services most, and position you in front of them… and they convert to customers.  They contact you directly, and you don’t have to lift a finger.  No filling out online profiles, no monthly memberships, no competitors listed directly above and below you.  Just you, your client, and their problem (which you can solve).  You can get started with us absolutely free of charge.

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Not sure yet?  Let’s talk about your specific needs.  We can design a PPC or SEM Marketing program that is perfect for you.

Start at Whatever Level You’d Like

We’ll start sending high-quality, high-intent customers your way almost immediately.  Our beginner packages can help you pick up an extra few customers per week, and can be less expensive than a cable bill.  Our advanced packages can help you dominate your market right away.

Lead Activator is the best program for local business


Pick up high-need, high converting customers. When power is involved they are searching to buy.  Be the one they call.


When people have water problems they are buying on the first call – be the one top front and center.

Towing Companies

When someone needs a tow, or a car moved, they are calling the first company that has a clear number.  Be the one to get the lead.

Yoga Studios, Gyms, &
Fitness Center Leads

You’re in a competitive space.  Stand above all the other competitors out there, and capture leads instantly.

Local Contractors, Roofers,
Builders, Carpenters

Make sure you’re the one they call when the big jobs arise.  Be ready… your phone will ring.

Landscapers & Lawn Mowing Companies

With so much competition out there, be the first one to get the call and close the new customer!

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Powerful Next Day Turnaround

Lots of people tell you they can get “results.”

We can prove our value based on past results!  

start receiving inbound referrals in 48 hours

Wondering if Lead Activator is right for your business?


People who call you through our program are high-intent and eager to give you their business.  They need help now.

Here are some of the types of leads and phone calls we can provide:

  • Electrician leads
  • Plumbing leads
  • HVAC leads
  • Roofing leads
  • Dentist leads for high value services
  • Attorney leads
  • Landscaping leads
  • Towing leads
  • Home cleaning leads
  • Fitness center leads
  • Gym leads
  • Yoga studio leads
  • Insurance company leads
  • Mortgage company leads
  • Real estate agent leads
  • Real estate investor leads
  • Moving company leads
  • and more!

You tell us about your business and we can formulate a plan to get you more customers fast and cost effectively.  Not only that, but you can have more of the types of customers you need most… the ones who need your highest value products and services.  

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