5 Tough Questions You Must Ask Your Google Ads Agency

Do you have a suspicion that your Google Ads are not working hard enough for you? Wondering if there should be more optimization happening in your account each month? Here are some questions you can ask your current digital marketing agency in order to get a feel for how well they’re doing managing your account.

Google Lead Form Extensions

The day is finally here! Google has rolled out “Lead form extensions” in beta stage and, similar to Facebook lead generation ads, they allow you to capture customer information without having to drop them into a landing page. Here’s everything you need to know about this awesome new feature, and how your business can profit from it!

The one trick that can 3X your Yelp leads in less than 1 month (and it’s not what you think)

Many business owners think of Yelp as a “4 Letter Word” never to be muttered in their presence. However, many of our clients are seeing tremendous success with Yelp, even if they don’t subscribe to a monthly advertising plan. Here’s how they’re doing it.

3 Important Questions We Ask During Google Ads Audits

Wondering if your Google Ads Account is Healthy? Here are 3 Questions to Ask Yourself We love just about everything we do here at SC Digital. But we love few things as much as the work we do in Google Ads. We’ll happily take a look at any client’s Google Ads account and help them

Does anybody actually click on paid ads?

One of the most common questions we hear from clients (and potential clients) is whether or not it’s worth having a paid Google search strategy. There seems to be a perception that paid ads are rarely “clicked,” so it doesn’t make sense to run them.

Should I bid on my own name in Google Ads?

Many businesses wonder whether it makes sense to pay money to show up highly in search engine results for their own name. “Why would I bother paying for my own name when I show up first organically no matter what?” Let’s unpack this, shall we?

6 Point Checklist for Lawn Care and Landscaping Digital Marketing

Getting your word out on the internet is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn care or landscaping business. And it’s not just about having a website and a few reviews on Yelp. In order to truly succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, you’ve got to have all your bases covered.

The Anatomy of a Killer Facebook Ad

The Anatomy of a Killer Facebook Ad How we helped generate 25 new customers for this lawn care company in 1 week with 1 single ad! A Great Offer The most important element to any advertisementis the quality of the offer itself. Luckily, in this case, the offer was fantastic! Only $129 for a spring

How to sell high ticket items on Facebook

If you’re selling a product or service that is considered “high-ticket,” Facebook and other social media can be a great place to market it! In this article, we explain our multi step process for achieving success with high-ticket item lead generation on Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media.

3 Things That Are Killing Your Automotive BDC’s Production

3 Things That Are Killing Your Automotive BDC’s Production Automotive BDC management is a mystery to many dealerships, even those who have had a BDC for many years. Since most auto dealerships are run by people who spent most of their career on the sales floor and in sales management, BDCs tend to be an

If You’re Posting on Facebook, Read This First.

Most businesses have a Facebook page, and even spend some time posting on it! However, collecting “Likes” and posting on Facebook a few times per week is a losing strategy. Check out this infographic to see why!

Facebook Ads for Car Dealers | 7 Next Level Targeting Strategies For Dealerships

The world of social media provides massive opportunity for car dealerships. The bad news is that social media advertising is very complicated and usually misunderstood. The good news is that, in a partnership with Solomon Consulting, you can drive leads directly into your CRM from Facebook, Instagram and more.

4 Ways You’re Being Hosed By Your Current PPC Provider

Many companies choose to outsource their PPC management to a massive PPC management firm.  These companies manage thousands of accounts and have standard “processes” which get installed for each client.  Check out this article to learn how this is negatively affecting your bottom line.

How to Win a Customer Who is Close to Buying From a Competitor

You’ve been working with a prospect for a few days, and they’re trying to make a decision on whether to buy a particular product from you or from your competitor. You find out that they are strongly leaning toward buying from your competitor, and you’ve got one last shot to bring them over to your side. How do you handle it?

Better to call than send an email on these 5 occasions

If you’re anything like me, you have a love hate relationship with email. On the one hand, it’s the preferred method of communication for many customers, so we must learn to use it well. On the other hand, email communication can take 10X as long as phone communication, among other disadvantages.

4 Simple Strategies to Convert More Inbound Phone Calls to Sales

If you’re a business owner, a ringing phone is like music to your ears. But are you and your team maximizing every inbound phone opportunity? Even the most basic service calls can result in massive revenue potential for your business. In this article, learn four ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of every call.

Perfect Ads – Adventure Suites

We all geek out over things. Maybe you geek out over music, data, fantasy football analytics. Me? I geek out over awesome marketing. Here are my thoughts on advertising that crosses my path, along with pointers on how you can put the best elements to work in your own business. First up: Adventure Suites located in North Conway, NH.

Inbound Call Monitoring Creates Your Best (and Most Important) Sales Training Opportunities

If your business takes inbound sales calls, it’s imperative that someone be reviewing those calls on a daily basis. That “someone” could be a manager in your organization or an outside company like us. Not sure why it’s important to make time for this? Learn the reasons here.

Facebook Ads For Business: How to Use “Facebook Offers” to Drive Traffic to Your Door

Have some thing special to broadcast to your potential customers? “Facebook Offers” are the way to do it.  Get your message heard now and multiple times throughout the consumer’s journey.

Facebook Ads For Restaurants: How to Maximize Your Visibility and Get More Customers Through The Doors

Think Facebook ads are right for your restaurant? You’re right. Here’s how to define your target audience and communicate the perfect message to diffentiate you from the rest.

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