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We all geek out over things. Maybe you geek out over music, data, fantasy football analytics. Me? I geek out over marketing and advertising. When I see awesome marketing techniques in action I become very happy and excited. Typically I turn to my wife and go, “Did you see how awesome that was? Did you see how they cut right to the heart of the viewer and captured their attention and affection?” She reminds me I’m a geek, and I feel proud.

Thus, Perfect Ads was born.  Here are my thoughts on advertising that crosses my path, along with pointers on how you can put the best elements to work in your own business.

Adventure Suites in Laconia New Hampshire

This is a theme hotel that has unique “theme rooms,” situated in beautiful Laconia NH. The rooms are not cheap; guests are paying for an experience. You can stay in a “Jungle” themed room, a “New York, New York” themed room, even a “Love Shack” and “Motorcycle Madness” themed room.

Check them out here.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been to these places. My kids are just too young to stay in a hotel….. it wouldn’t be fun, not matter how awesome the room.

While I fully intend to stay at Adventure Suites when the babies grow up a bit, what admire is the way the company presents itself online. The website is nothing special, and needs significant updating. However, the content on the website is super engaging and gets the viewer excited. Their secret? Big surprise: they’re using video… and lots of it.

Each Adventure Suite has a page dedicated to it.  The viewer gets a “walk through” of sorts, hosted by an actor who is downright hilarious! He dresses up as various characters that make sense for the theme of the room he’s creating. While some might think he’s a bit over the top, I think he’s the perfect mix of “showman” and “salesman.”

Since they’re offering such a unique experience, it’s imperative that Adventure Suites presents videos like this. Otherwise, potential viewers might not know what to expect. Even worse, prospective guests might not be willing to pay the premium price because they wouldn’t understand the value being offered. Video is the single best way to communicate the value. Adventure Suites has it right.

What can the rest of us learn from this?

If you have a product or service that provides an experience to your prospect, why not demonstrate it on video?  I bet the videos on the Adventure Suites website make them at least a million or two per year. There’s no way they’d be able to create the same experience with pictures alone.

How can you enhance your product with video? Think of the “wow” factors your product provides, and show them off. To give you some examples, let’s say you sell:

  • Custom Fireplaces
    Show your viewers how easy they are to turn on and off with a remote control, and contrast this with the inconvenience of a traditional fireplace or a pellet stove. While you’re walking your viewers through your retail location, be sure to point out some of the other awesome products you offer. For instance, do you offer outdoor propane deck fireplaces (like the ones you see at fancy hotels)? Do you have ductless heating and air conditioning units? Make sure you take this opportunity to show those things off, too. Remember, people will buy more than you could ever sell them. In other words, sometimes the simple act of showing people what’s available will activate their sense of desire and make them go wild for your goods.

  • Food (your business is a restaurant, I mean)
    Take your digital would-be patrons through a video tour of your establishment. Show them the beautiful views of the water, the beautiful outdoor seating, the hilarious mechanical bull. Show off your attractive and friendly waiters and waitresses. Film a series of videos in which your sous chef is preparing amazing dishes. This gives you a chance to turn this person into a local celebrity that people will associate with your establishment, while showing off food that will render your viewers powerless against its gravitational pull of deliciousness.

  • Cars
    Show off the cool features like rear DVD players, adaptive cruise control, and “self-parking.” Show the features in action. How? In the case of adaptive cruise, ask someone to ride along in the passenger seat while you drive on the highway, and have them film the vehicle slowing down as it automatically adapts to the flow of traffic. In the case of the rear DVD players, get a couple Disney DVDs and have them playing while you’re filming your video. If you’re selling vans that have built-in vacuum cleaners, show this feature off in your videos.

  • Houses
    Video tours are key. A listing with video will receive 403% more inquiries than a listing with only pictures.
    When you’re planning your video, make sure to get detailed about the home’s features that might not be deal breakers, but will get the buyer to say, “Whoa, that’s so awesome.” Don’t just take a video of the kitchen… show the cool faucet that turns on when you wave your hand over it. In the living room, show the recessed lighting and the built-in sound system. Show the new central air conditioning unit and standby generator. And finally, always remember the most important elements of real estate: location, location, location. Is the home located close to a cute downtown area? Make sure to give your viewer a tour of it. Is it within walking distance to a massive playground? Is it close to a hidden beach reserved for town residents? If you’re not showing these things off, you’re missing opportunities.

  • Home services (electrical work, HVAC work, plumbing, cleaning)
    Introduce yourself to the people who will be inviting you into their home… on video. Demonstrate that you’re a likeable, kind, professional individual who has their best interests at heart. Give them the facts: you’ll arrive on time, won’t leave a mess in their home, will show respect for their family by not being overly loud, and that you’ll be fairly priced. Imagine the impact that one simple video (30 seconds, 45 seconds, whatever) could make, setting you apart from your competitors and helping you dominate your space. By the way, if you do make a video like this, and if you happen to optimize it properly on YouTube, it’s highly likely that you’ll suddenly rank highly in Google searches for relevant terms. This is because Google tends to favor video links. Therefore, not only will this convert more viewers into customers, but it will also get you more overall visibility.

    Using video to differentiate yourself and your business from the others around you is an absolute no-brainer, and Adventure Suites has hit the nail directly on its head. If you want help putting a video strategy together for your business, contact us below or call us at 603-953-5212.

want to start using video enhance your business?

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