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We’re not limited to providing internet marketing services for only local businesses. Companies also call us when they have a product or service they’d like to expand on a national, or global, scale. Check out the results BirdEase has seen with our SEO services and Facebook Marketing strategies. 


BirdEase was a brand new company looking to break into the charity golf tournament industry. By providing a web based charity golf registration processor, BirdEase had a good shot to make a massive impact in the industry and streamline processes for organizations all over the country. In order to get the word out, BirdEase needed a “strong like bull” internet marketing agency to get their website nationally ranked for highly competitive keywords like “charity golf software” and “golf event website.”


In order to get the word out, BirdEase needed a “strong like bull” internet marketing agency to get their website nationally ranked for highly competitive keywords like “charity golf software” and “golf event website.”  We discovered that most people simply plug these words into Google or Bing and click the link that appears most relevant to their search query, paid or not.  While we considered starting with a paid search strategy to jump start the company’s revenue immediately, we didn’t want BirdEase to burn its entire marketing budget on clicks.  Instead, we employed SEO services to get the company’s site organic visibility that would become an asset over time.  


It just so happened that we were able to use high quality links and super smooth user experience techniques to get BirdEase ranked not only on page 1 of Google for critical keywords, but in the first position.

Check out these national keywords BirdEase is now dominating:

  • Charity golf website
  • Golf tournament website (multiple positions)
  • Charity golf tournament
  • Charity golf tournament website
  • Websites for golf events
  • Websites for running golf events

The absolutely crazy part? Some of BirdEase’s organic competitors include studs like “Golf Digest” (yes, the magazine), EventBrite and GoFundMe.  

absolutely Ninja quality facebook marketing services


So how does an internet marketing agency help a company like BirdEase capture even more business? When they contacted us to get signed up for our Facebook marketing services, they were able to get more customers using the power of social media. The process for creating leads on Facebook for BirdEase starts with the creation of a lead magnet, then capitalizes on the audience created by sending traffic to it. 

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One of the nicest things about BirdEase is that the company has loads of data on how to create successful golf events. We wanted to help them use this data to attract the attention of those event coordinators who had never been introduced to their website platform. In order to do this, we created a simple blog post entitled “3 Brilliant Ways to Be a Fundraising Superhero This Year” and Facebook targeted everyone in the United States and Canada who is interested in Fundraising, PTA, and similar organizations.

Create Audience

The “Fundraising Superhero” lead magnet allowed us to create a custom audience of people who clicked through to the post. These people are all, presumably, interested in fundraising and are, therefore, good BirdEase prospects.


Now that we have a custom audience created from the website clicks resulting from our blog post, we can direct specific ads to the people who are in the audience. Keep in mind, we now know those in the custom audience are interested in fundraising, so we can be assured this is a great place to spend ad dollars.


In only two weeks of running the Facebook marketing campaign for BirdEase, we created 171 unique clicks to their website, generated 20 leads, and helped them sure 3 paying clients (all of whom are thrilled with the service so far. Ad spend was $183.55. At a client lifetime value of $1186, that looks like an ROI of 1844%.  

Get More Leads

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