Wildly Successful Facebook Ads Are Well Within Reach with Solomon Consulting

Examples of Successful Facebook Posts

Facebook is a great way to reach out to potential clients in your area who would not know about you otherwise. However, it’s also a very difficult platform to make money on, because there is a lot of competition going after those same clients!  That’s why you will benefit from having a professional Facebook ad agency running traffic for you, proactively building your client base and bringing new customers into the fold for you. 

Below are some great examples of what happens when social media is leveraged to create new business!  These are some of our best clients and we have been running Facebook traffic for them for varying amounts of time. Pay close attention to the engagement as well as the comments. You can see the leads that result from a well-targeted Facebook post done regularly. 

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Before We Get Going: We are NOT the company that posts generic stuff on your Facebook page 5X per day and tells you they're helping you. That stuff doesn't get seen by people anyway... Facebook is over it because your audience is too. We create great ads and posts that connect with wide audiences, stop the scrolling thumb, and incite ACTION!

We can help you put Facebook to work showing off your business to the potential customers who need to see it most, and are most likely to buy from you! Check out how we are helping N-Hance of Manchester NH gain massive popularity at an amazing pace.

N-Hance of Manchester Hardwood Flooring and Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling in Manchester NH

Leads on Facebook come in various formsSometimes people put questions in the comments, which lets you Private Message people. Sometimes they message you directly, sometimes they actually send a form! Sometimes they simply walk in or call you, and say "I saw you on Facebook!" Either way, we'll help customers hear your message and give them lots of ways to get in touch with you!

Speaking of leads, check out all the leads that have come from this ad for LaPlante Electric in Scarborough Maine. Below is just one of the ads we have placed for LaPlante. There have been countless others.  This company is absolutely “crushing it.” 

LaPlante ElectricTrying to grow the standby generator business in Maine. Started with us in June 2017 after having a very hard time getting that side of the business ramped up. They are now expanding to New Hampshire due in part to the success of the Facebook advertising and successful SEO strategies we have implemented for them. They are also highly professional and staffed for success!

It keeps going long after ^ these comments ^ but you get the picture. Oh… and the inbound leads they’re getting now, as a result of people clicking their Facebook ad and filling out forms on their landing page:

Would that amount of inbound traffic and interest help your business?

One of our best clients, Silver Fountain Inn in Dover NH (silverfountain.com), is experiencing unprecedented success with a strong Facebook campaign and search optimization strategy. Here are some example Facebook posts below: 

Silver Fountain InnA beautiful little Bed and Breakfast in Dover NH looking to expand its client base. They had an outside company handling all of their Facebook posting prior to bringing us on board. Below is the type of result they WERE getting:



See a Difference?Silver Fountain now has a wide Facebook following which is constantly engaging, helping the business grow.

These are just three examples of the types of business we have helped get new customers from Facebook. A kitchen remodeler, an electrician and a bed & breakfast.

You might be wondering if we can help your business!
We know that we can... but there's only one way for YOU to find out.