Generating Massive Results for this Standby Generator Juggernaut

You might be wondering if we can actually get you results.  Check out the results LaPlante Electric is enjoying.


We started working w/ LaPlante Electric, in Mid June 2017.

The goal was to drive more standby generator business.

Things were going great.  We have been doing lots of search marketing and Facebook marketing, and it was starting to have a positive impact on the company’s website traffic as you can see from the beginning of the below graphs.  This is straight out of the Google Analytics Account.

Here’s how it is happening.

We are continuously optimizing LaPlante’s website for conversions (form submissions and calls).  That’s why they’re getting tons of them (you’ll see soon). 

We are dominating the search engines for the highest-intent, highest-value search terms:

And dominating Facebook with high quality, high engagement ads.


And dominating Youtube

Here’s the lead volume lately (November 2017), now that LaPlante is dominating the standby generator space, website is continuously optimized, AND people actually want generators due to weather.

Not just leads, inbound calls:

Now I know, I know, you might be thinking, “sure it’s easy to get generator traffic during storms.”  Easier yes…but a simple wind storm does not account for this type of disproportionate traffic.  This type of traffic is easily the most insane amount of traffic this company has ever seen, storm or not.  Things are “clicking.”

You might also be thinking, “Whoa!  That’s more of an increase than I can legitimately handle!  I don’t want that many customers.”

No problem.  We can ramp up and scale back as needed (to an extent).

Now, we can’t guarantee this result for everyone.  There are never any promises.  But if you’re not in the game you certainly can’t win it.   😉

We have a formula that has been replicated in dozens of industries.  And it can be done for yours, too.


Ask yourself, how much would it be worth to 3x – 5x my business?   It can be done, proof above.

Let’s talk.