Irrigation Domination for this Landscaping Company

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Digital Marketing Services for Landscaping Companies

Every landscaping company in every area must find ways to stand out from the pack, and a solid internet marketing strategy is the boost that most need.  Check out how we helped Aquatech take their business to the next level by creating search engine results that got them visibility for the keywords that are most important to them.


Aquatech was trying to sell more of the services they make the most money on. Those services included walkways, patios, and irrigation. Like many landscaping companies, they were mowing lots of lawns, spreading lots of fertilizer and making gardens look pristine. The problem? That’s not really where the money is. They needed some digital marketing services in order to get more customers for their “blue chip” services.



Internet marketing strategies employed: SEO services and offsite management

Walkways and Patios were the first order of business. In order to help them drive traffic to this service, we implemented a digital marketing strategy that involved creating content and optimizing the website with this goal in mind.


Aquatech is now gaining massive visibility with potential clients interested in walkways and patios because they are ranked on page 1 in a Google search for the most important intent driven keywords. These include:

  • Walkways and Patios NH
  • Walkway installers NH
  • Walkway installations NH
  • Patio installers NH
  • Patio installations NH
  • Walkway installers Hampton NH
  • Patio installers Hampton NH
  • Walkways and Patios (Nationally ranked)

“Yeah, we’ve been doing a bunch of walkways lately, we’re too busy to do anything else. Times are good!” – Taylor, owner of AquaTech

In addition to walkways and patios, Aquatech wanted to increase its irrigation business. We employed similar internet marketing services to help them achieve this, including SEO services and off site ranking services.   Aquatech is now the top irrigation company in the Hampton NH area. This is due, in part, to their high front page rankings for critical, low funnel keywords like:

  • Irrigation companies NH
  • Irrigation installations NH
  • Companies that do irrigation in NH
  • Irrigation companies near Hampton NH

We could go on, but you get the point. Aquatech is absolutely dominating the walkways, patios and irrigation games in NH. This has much to do with our internet marketing services.

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