Local Search Takeover for this Physical Therapy Business

Local Search Takeover for this Physical Therapy Business

Taking it to the next level for ProEx

ProEx Physical Therapy was trying to grow its business from 6 points in New Hampshire, and they knew the best way to do it was through Organic SEO Services with Solomon Consulting.


People who are looking for pain relief are typically going to search for either specific clinics, or they are going to search for symptoms and the root causes. It was important for ProEx to be omnipresent for both types of searches.


Covering our bases and protecting our backyard was first order of business, so we made sure to get ProEx top rankings for critical keywords such as the following:

  • Physical Therapy Boston
  • Physical Therapy NH
  • Physical Therapy Epping NH
  • Orthopaedic Physical Therapy MA
  • Workplace Wellness Programs MA

After helping ProEx rank for these low funnel keywords, we felt it would be a good digital marketing strategy to go after the “symptom” keywords, as well. As part of our internet marketing services agreement, we always ask clients to give us their most “profitable” products and services so we can model SEO campaigns around them. After all, what good are digital marketing services if they won’t make you money? In the case of ProEx, “back pain” and “neck pain” turned out to be the most common and most profitable subjects… so that’s where we went first.

Check out these keywords ProEx now dominates front page Google for:

  • Back Pain Treatment MA
  • Back Pain Therapy MA
  • Low Back Pain Therapy MA
  • Neck Pain MA
  • Neck Pain Treatment Center MA
  • MA Neck Pain Relief
  • MA Back Pain Relief


ProEx is now one of the most successful physical therapy clinics in the United States and has grown from 6 locations to 18 in 5 short years.