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  • Audience Optimization

  • Re targeting Website Visits

  • Local Promotions

  • Funnel Creation for Goals

  • Ad Creative and Production

  • Offer and Deal Loss Leaders

“When these guys started talking about ‘Social Media’ I was going to stop listening right there – then they started delivering the EXACT type of new customer I wanted per my highest profit service, and I was hooked.”

Have you found yourself thinking, “I should be advertising on Facebook, but how the heck do I do it?”

It’s very simple…. you get in touch with us.

The advertising options available to a business today are literally endless.  With Facebook ads, you’re able to broadcast your targeted message to the clients who want and need you, but might not know you exist.

We will work directly with you to structure an entire social media campaign that produces long term, lasting results… not just immediate traffic.

Our Facebook Marketing service includes:

  • Audience Optimization:  How well do you know your target customer?  What makes him or her distinct?  We will help you with an ongoing analysis to make sure you’re targeting the right people at the right time.

  • Re-Targeting:  This is your business saying, “Hey, remember us?  Here’s what we have going on, and why you should care right now.”  We will help you use Facebook to stay in front of those people who are already familiar with you and simply need reminders that you exist

  • Local promotions:  Need to drive traffic today?  There’s really no faster way than by designing a swift, clever Facebook campaign that can bring immediate traffic to your door.  While these “one-off” promotions should be used very carefully, they’re also extremely effective if targeted to the correct audience.

  • Funnel creation:

    • Get your audience familiar with your industry, and why they should care

    • Help them connect your business to the industry they now care about

    • Position your business as the authority in the space

    • Make it easy and valuable for clients to do business with you

  • Ad creative:  Designing engaging, captivating ads is our specialty.  Go to market with a strong plan to capture the hearts and minds of your audience, and you’ll experience wild amounts of success on Facebook.

  • Ad optimization: Facebook is tricky.  The targeting and quality of your ad campaign is more important than on other platforms like TV, radio and newspapers.  This is because Facebook users have the ability to simply hide your ads and provide negative information to Facebook.  Too much of this will ultimately raise your prices and, worst case scenario, get your ads banned.  Let’s not have that happen.

  • All Social Platforms:  Although Facebook is the main player in social advertising, this could change rapidly (and probably will).  There are many other social media platforms that might be right for your business.  We’ll help you identify the best opportunities.

“I’m already advertising on Facebook, I update my page all the time.” 

That’s great!  We will utilize the Facebook property you’ve already created and help get you in front of new opportunities you never thought possible.

Make no mistake, Facebook is in business to make money.  This means that, for most businesses, having a Facebook page and focusing only on generating organic traffic is not enough.  In Facebook, you really must “pay to play.”  Not only that, but your “play” must be of the highest quality to break through the noise.

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