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You want to sell more standby generators, because that's where the money's made.

But you're so busy "running the ship" that you don't have time to do all the marketing and advertising to drive more business. Sound familiar?

Welcome to PowerUp Generator Marketing.

We understand your business, and can quickly put our expertise to work helping you sell more standby generators in your area.

All you have to say is,


Internet marketing is hard.  However, it’s also the most effective way to grow your standby generator business.  No worries about trying to figure out exactly how to increase your generator sales. We know exactly what it takes to achieve the highest levels of success, and we’ll take the necessary amount of control to make it happen while you sit back and take the phone calls.  You don’t need to know how to do it all… you just need to know, “Go.”

Quick Turnaround
We can accomplish in 3 weeks what might take you 3 years by yourself.  Why?  Because this is what we do.  We have a proven formula to get results and help people like you sell more generators, and we can put it to work immediately.  From the moment you say, “Yes, let’s go… I want to explode my generator business,” we get right to work.  You could experience quick results, but you’ll be most happy when your business dominates long term.

Cost Effective
The old saying goes: It takes money to make money.  That might be true, but there’s no reason to spend tens of thousands on traditional advertising just to get customers to call you… not when you’ve got us, anyway.  Quit throwing your hard earned dollars out the window without seeing a trackable return.  Allow us to put our proven techniques to work at a fraction of what it would cost you to do it on your own.

You get:

  • “Generator-focused” inbound phone calls to your business – from customers who want to buy a standby generator in your city or state.

  • More high quality inbound leads, through your own website, from people who want standby generators and found YOU.


How we do it

We handle the stuff you don't have time to do, don't know how to do... and don't want to do!

Here are a few things you'll get in a partnership with us

  • Constant improvements and updating to your website to drive generator business

  • Management of your offsite “Google” properties to make you the most visible, relevant generator business in your area

SEO and marketing for electricians trying to sell more standby generators
  • Leverage of your online reviews to PROVE you are the authority in your space

  • Video advertising to reach users across all platforms

video creation for standby generator sales
  • Targeted social media ads PROVEN to increase your bottom line THIS MONTH

target people on facebook ads
  • Inbound phone call monitoring to ensure your team is maximizing every single opportunity

  • Immediate notifications if an opportunity is mishandled

  • and, of course, much more! 

All in the name of generating inbound opportunities for you and your team to sell more standby generators

Ready to sell more standby generators?

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The PowerUp Generator Marketing Process


Everyone’s needs are a bit different. Our process begins with research to discover all nuances specific to your market.


Your specific marketing plan will be determined based on location, competition, time of year, and a variety of other factors.


Your plan goes into action. We handle everything while you’re going about your normal business.


Feel the Lift
Out of nowhere, your phone will start to ring more and you’ll get more form submissions through your website.

6 Keys to Selling More
Standby Generators Online


Website Visibility
If you want to sell more generators, you’ve got to be present when your potential customer performs a relevant Google search. We know the exact keywords to target in order to give you the maximum return on your investment in the shortest amount of time.


Website Responsiveness
Your customers are finding you on many different types of devices. We know how to optimize their experience regardless of which device they’re using. This maximizes the chance that they’ll engage with you by calling or submitting a form.


Visitor Conversion
Most websites follow the same format: A bunch of pages with a bunch of information…. And one single “Contact Us” form. That’s bad news. Your website should be generating leads and phone calls at a much faster rate by giving prospects multiple opportunities to contact you. We’ll optimize your site for performance through testing and analysis and make it generate opportunities at a rate you’ve never experienced.

Have questions?


Local Marketing
Offsite pages like your Google Maps can drive significant amounts of traffic and calls to your business. We’ll optimize these properties daily, weekly and monthly with new content like pictures and promotions. This will help you win the battle when the customer has the opportunity to choose between you and your local competitors.


Online Reviews
Your online reputation can be that all-important factor that causes you to win or lose a sale. We’ll make sure you have stellar online feedback that demonstrates your professionalism and trustworthiness.


Social Media Marketing

It’s not about posting to your Facebook page every now and then. That doesn’t work. This is serious, highly effective marketing to your local customers who are spending many hours scrolling through their social media feeds. If you want to sell generators, you should be there with timely, effective messaging that is proven to convert into sales. We know what we’re doing, and we’ll get you sales in places the other guys aren’t even thinking of.

Ready to take your

standby generator sales

to the next level?

About Solomon Strategic Business Development

We knew we wanted to create a generator sales marketing package because most installers we know are too busy to worry about marketing. With all the things required to run a good generator installation business, how could you possibly be thinking about the online marketing required to take your business to new heights?

We began working with a few generator installers in the New England area and discovered that there is a real need for strong online marketing and advertising in this area, so we decided to offer it. That’s when PowerUp Generator Marketing was born.

Our package is a turnkey program that allows generator installers to quickly broadcast their message to tens of thousands of people in their geographic location and become the authority in their space. It also helps those installers convert visitors to leads, and leads to sales.

We’re in a unique position to implement similar campaigns all over the country and determine what is working best. This saves you time and energy, as you put our expertise to work immediately in your business. And, there’s no guesswork on your part… we put our proven system to work for you from day 1.