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If you own a business, then chances are you’re bombarded with tons of marketing opportunities all the time.  The trouble is managing all of those things, doing a good job with each, and not going insane in the process!  Our process combines many of the marketing initiatives you know you should be doing, but don’t know how.  This includes:

  • Building your customer email list
  • Google display marketing
  • Texting optins and loyalty programs
  • Birthday reminders and coupons
  • Facebook management and advertising
  • Instagram promotion
  • Printed materials and flyers
  • Free giveaways
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Website creation and SEO
  • Google Ads

Our program is perfect for all types of businesses, such as

  • Cleaning services
  • Lawn care and landscaping services
  • Transportation services
  • Pet grooming and dog walking services
  • Dry cleaning pickup and delivery
  • Waste removal services
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Touring services
  • Pet sitting services
  • Mobile massage services
  • Personal chef services
  • Maid services
  • Resume preparation services
  • Tax form preparation services
  • Mobile car washing and detailing services
  • Professional organization and tutoring services
  • And much more!

Read more below about our integrated marketing techniques to help you get customers through the doors, and keep them coming back!

Text Marketing for All Business Types

Some of your customers will want to receive communication from you via text message. They’ll love the idea of being able to receive special deals and offers directly to their phone, before anyone else!  Make it easy for them to do this!  For example, let’s say your hotel business has a few rooms vacant for the upcoming week, and you’re looking to get those rooms booked.  Imagine being able to quickly send a text to your database with a “last minute offer.”  Don’t you think you’d be able to fill those rooms?

Give people a reason to join

Growing your text database is often as simple as offering entry into a contest and an immediate incentive for joining.  For instance, if you’re a restaurant, give away 1 $50 gift card per month to folks who are in your text club, and offer to take $5 off their bill immediately upon joining!

Step 1

Get people interested in the program and give them a compelling reason to opt in.

Step 2

Automatic confirmation that they've entered

Step 3

Give them a reason to come in the door!

Loyalty Programs for Local Service Businesses

It is far easier to keep a current customer than to get a new one.  Furthermore, it’s easier to raise the average customer lifetime value tan it is to recruit new customers.  We’ll help you do all of it!  But first, we’ll be sure you’re giving people reasons to come back to your establishment more frequently in order to raise lifetime value.

We will implement programs to capture customer contact information and provide them with special offers based on a variety of factors.  Further, we will help manage the communication between your business and your customer base so that you can be delivering an interesting, consistent message multiple times per month.

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Birthday Reminders and Offers

There’s one thing that everyone has.  One thing we all share.  We all have a birthday.  Restaurants and hotels that offer a birthday deal can see massive increases in customer lifetime values. We will create text and email birthday campaigns so you can give people a reason to spend their birthday with you.  The best part?  We handle everything for you!  It’s all turnkey, you don’t have to do a thing!

Social Media Marketing For Local Service Businesses

You know you should be doing it, but if you’re like most establishments, you’re forgetting to keep up on social media.  Or maybe you’re doing it once or twice per week, but what a time suck it’s turning out to be!

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Posting to your social media is a highly valuable way to keep your visitors engaged and promote your offerings.  Furthermore, it’s a great way to bring in new visitors who are similar to your current fans!  We’ll handle all of it for you.  

YouTube Marketing

Ever been on YouTube trying to figure out how to fix your sink, and see those ads that pop up before the video you want to watch?  Those are incredibly effective!  And, they’re still relatively inexpensive.  We’ll create your YouTube ads and put them in front of so tens of thousands of eyeballs every month without you lifting a finger.  Everyone who’s using YouTube in your area will know about you… and that’s just about everyone.  

Reputation Management for Local Service Business

We’ll help put a process in place in your business to gain more online reviews so that you can show customers the type of great experience they can expect.  Additionally, we can help you respond to all of your reviews, positive and negative.

We’ll also help you get the most out of your Yelp page, Google My Business, and others

Need help keeping up with all the various places people can learn about your business?  We’ve got you covered.  Our team is trained in helping business like your maximize their presence in Yelp, Google My Business and the other major online players that can impact your sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it for the business owner to set this up?

You actually do not need to set anything up.  Depending on which package you choose, there will be varying degrees of information gathering and permission graning, but otherwise we’re going to handle everything.

What if I don’t already have Instagram, Facebook, Yelp or Website?

Nothing to worry about, we’ll set them up for you and manage them if you choose that option package

How often will I receive reports of how my campaign is doing?

You’ll get a monthly report of your account activity, new email signups, and more.

I already have an email list, can I use that too?

You sure can. We’ll add the email contacts from your database to the campaigns (if possible) and will help you manage the database.

Can I still post to my own Facebook and Instagram even if I choose to have you guys help me with it?

Absolutely!  Our social media management can either be supplementary or in place of what you’re currently doing.  We’ll simple ensure that you’re putting consistent content out there into the world and that the quality is superb.