Websites, SEO, Facebook Ads and Reputation Management for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

Digital Marketing Growth System for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

If you own a lawn care or landscaping business and are looking to work with a company who can help you grow and improve your digital presence quickly, you've found the right people!

What We Can Do For Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Company

Not every business needs the same services, so we offer an entire suite of digital marketing products for landscaping and lawn care companies.

Websites for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

We will create a beautiful, high converting, mobile-responsive website for your business.  We’ll highlight your various services, recent projects, and provide lots of opportunities for potential customers to get in touch with you.  Below are some examples of websites we have either created or managed for landscaping and lawn care companies.

Reputation Management for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

Online reviews are, perhaps, the most important ingredient to your business’s success.  Unfortunately, most lawn care and landscaping companies do not have an ample strategy in place to generate these online reviews, and this is costing them dearly every year.  We will implement reputation management strategies for your business which will help you build strong ratings across various websites so that potential customers can learn about your best attributes and will feel comfortable having you perform their lawn services.  Check out some of the companies we have worked with (landscaping and in other industries) who have established excellent online reputations with our help.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies

Fact: Most people search online before making a buying decision about anything. As you probably know, the place they search most often is Google.  Therefore, it is imperative that your business be prominent in the Google searches your customers perform in order for you to receive maximum amounts of traffic to your website.

The Importance of a Strong SEO Strategy

Unless you have built massive brand recognition in your area, potential customers are not likely to search for your business by name.  Instead, they’re likely to search for your services in your city/town.  For instance, if they’re looking for lawn care services, they’re likely to perform a Google search like, “lawn care companies near me” or “lawn mowing companies in [city, state].”  If you offer these types of services, you can see why it would be so important to show up in these searches.  If you’re not present in the client’s search result, then you’re simply not going to get an opportunity to earn their business.  As part of our lawn care SEO services, we want you to be not just present, but dominant. 

Multiple Links in the Search Results

Being “Dominant in the SEO search results means showing up in the “organic listings,” the “map listings,” and potentially even the “paid listings.”  However, our SEO services focus mostly on just getting your website to show up in the organic and map listings.

A Proven Track Record of SEO Success for Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies as Well as Companies in All Industries

Check out some of our SEO results below.  The listings with the red arrows are our clients.  If you take a look at the search term in the Google search box, you’ll see why these listings are so valuable for these clients.  We can do this for you, too.

**Note: None of these clients websites were in the top 50 search results prior to us taking over their search optimization strategy.

**And here is some trend analysis which shows you movement in keyword rankings resulting from our work.

Facebook Ads For Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

If you’re looking to generate new business quickly for your lawn care or landscaping business, running Facebook ads is a great way to do it.  You might already be “posting” on your Facebook page, but unless you have a budgeted targeting strategy, you’re missing a lot of potential clients.  We’ll execute a strategy like this so you can reach everyone in your area who needs your help.

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